Inside the Life of the Pastor’s in the IFB

This is a post about the double life of the pastors in IFB churches. It is about how they say one thing and do something completely different.

First of all, the pastor’s in the IFB are always preaching that the people of their church need to go soul winning. However, in the bigger churches did you ever see the pastor actually go out soul winning himself? The pastor of the church I attended was always preaching this, but I never saw him actually go out. When the soul winning meeting was done, he would go back to his warm bed, leaving his church members to go out in the snow, rain, sleet, hail or whatever to go visiting. I was at this church for about 4 or 5 years when we were overseas, I only saw our pastor go out one time. Get this though, he stopped after half hour for ice cream.

Secondly, is laziness. Often in IFB churches pastors will preach about the sin of laziness. They would say something like the following, “If you don’t come to the work nights or do cleaning around the church you are sinning.” “If you don’t have a full time job there must be something wrong with you.” “Women, if you don’t get all the household chores done in the day, then you are lazy!” And you get the point. Again the pastors would always be the first to sleep in and show up at work whenever they felt like it. Also in the big churches did you ever see your pastor at a work meeting or doing work around the church? I mean like real work. Physical labor work. I never did. And when my dad was a missionary we traveled to many churches. Small churches maybe you would see the pastor out there but not ever with the big churches. Also we are talking about men who have never held a real job in their life. You can’t sit there and tell me that it takes you 40 hrs a week to come up with a 45 minute sermon. And you can’t tell me that sitting at your computer and looking up statistics on how back rock music is for you is work. IFB pastors are some of the laziest people that I know.

Third, the evil TV. (Joking about the evil part.) Every pastor in every “good” IFB church preaches against TV. “It is the window to evil,” they claim. Yet, hidden in the pastor’s closet is what? You guessed it- TVs! Or if not a TV a computer with a huge stack of DVDs. Trust me my dad was an IFB pastor, I should know. They may claim that they don’t watch TV every night and that it is only for special occasions, like Christmas, but it isn’t. They watch it basically every night. My dad, who is still in the IFB but no longer a pastor ( you can guess why) now owns a TV with cable. I had to laugh at that one, since he used to preach many sermons against it.

Fourth. Ever wonder about how the pastors know the words to rock music or know what it sounds like? Yep, they listen to it! C’mon! When they quote an entire song word for word, they know would have had to listen to it. So never listen to their shit about not having ever listened to it. They did and do.

Lastly on a more serious note. Pastors in the IFB preach against sexual sins. Yet aren’t these pastors the people that are convicted of raping little kids and molesting women? These pastors preach purity but live a life that is perverted- beyond perverted. Why is it not ok for two teens to have sex with each other willingly, yet it is ok for the pastor to rape a teen? Twisted and sick. That is what it is.

So there you have it. Pastors in the IFB don’t follow what they preach. There is so much more I can delve into but  that will all come shortly enough. Just next time you listen to a pastor ranting and raving about something, keep in mind that they will go home and more than likely do whatever it is they are yelling about.


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