Christian Martyr Syndrome

Well, that is what I call it at least.

Christians, if you haven’t noticed, really think they are being persecuted. And that they are the only ones in the world that get hate. Think about it. How many sermons have you heard on Christian martyrs from hundreds of years ago? How many times has a pastor said that they are being persecuted? How often do they say that the world hates them? Really?! News Flash: the world doesn’t revolve around you!

We are all, I am sure, familiar with those Second Coming movies. I think the most recent ones are with Kirk Cameron. (I wouldn’t know since we were only allowed to watch the old one in my church.) After watching those movies, our pastor would preach a sermon on how we are being persecuted. It doesn’t end there. If the moment ever came where we were told to give up Christ or die, that we were to choose death. Seriously, I don’t think Jesus would hate me if I saved my life. After all that would be suicide and I think suicide is considered a sin in the IFB. Just saying.

In churches I went to, I also often heard sermons on how the world hated Christians. They have something mixed up. The world doesn’t hate them, they hate the world. That is the problem there. I was always taught to fear people. I was told that people outside of the IFB were wicked and evil and out to do me harm. Last I checked, I was abused in many ways by people in the IFB- not in the real world.

Truth is the Christians are the most whinny people ever. Someone disagrees with them, they coming crying to the congregation about how they are being persecuted. They are the most insecure, ridiculous people when it comes to this. No one cares that you choose to worship Jesus or God. They don’t! Just get over yourselves already!

Another truth. Many Christian leaders say the world persecutes them so that their followers will fear the world. They don’t want them to leave the church, and as a result they come up with lies to keep them in.


2 thoughts on “Christian Martyr Syndrome

  1. I have been calling it “Christian persecution complex”. Fundamentalists seem to revel in it.

    It’s funny that they spend a lot of time criticizing those who disagree with their particular doctrines. But they have no tolerance for being on the receiving end of criticism.

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