It’s been a while…

I haven’t posted anything in a long while. I know I say a lot that it is because there is a lot of things going on but that isn’t all of it. Just been dealing with personal issues and I thought it best to not really be writing a lot of IFB issues. Fact is I haven’t even written in a long time time. It has been extremely difficult for me to write for some reason. I have been going through a fight with depression and anxiety as of late and maybe that is why. I really don’t feel like doing much, but I am still here. Even if I am silent. Just needed a break, but now my counselor has pushed me to try to write things out again and express myself that way. Cause to be honest lately I have been doing so many things for so many people that I have lost all sense of myself. So I am taking her up on that. Not to say that I will post regular but maybe more than I have been.


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