The problems with Christian Education

Getting a good education is critical for children and even adults. Education is a foundation in many ways. It teaches us basic principles about life, and opens up minds to endless possibilities. A good education gives the students limitless resources and is unbiased. Never should education be based on something that is not proven. Nor should it ever be based on religion. Christian education is not really an education because it is biased and is based on something that can not really be proven one way or another and it ignores facts. 

How can anyone say that an education that is founded completely on religion is unbiased? They can’t. The main schools or programs that are promoted in Christian education state clearly that they base their programs on the Bible. “The goal is the same today: to prepare children for the world today and give them the academic and spiritual tools necessary to achieve their God-given potential.” (ACE Why is their potential “God-given”? Fundamentalists believe that children have no potential in themselves but rather only in god. They can do nothing good and if they do something good, well, that is god working in them. This is from the school that I attended when I was not being home schooled.”…Biblical values and traditional educational standards using curriculum centered on a biblically ordered student/teacher relationship.” (Fairhaven Baptist Academy Feel free to read the rest of what is on that page. A bunch of BS. Here are a couple of other links to see the purpose or goals of the Christian schools. and There are others I am sure but these are the well-known programs. All of this shows that the very foundation of their schools are biased. They teach only things in a “Christian perspective”, as Abeka flaunts on all of their textbooks. The education that I received under these programs were flawed. It was a big push for fundamentalism. Brainwashing, if you want the honest truth. 

Christian education is based on Christianity. Duh, right? So Christianity is based on god or Jesus. Tell me this. Has anyone seen god? Has anyone spoken to him? I don’t think so. How do you know that god exists or doesn’t exist? Don’t say that the Bible says so. Seriously, that is the fundamentalist answer for everything. All that it means is that they are cornered and don’t have another argument. Been there, done that. Education is about presenting the facts. These facts are tested over and over again and are proved to be true. Christians will say that god is fact, the bible is fact, and so on. Really? If anyone has seen god in person, I would love to know about it. Christians base their whole education system on something or someone that is just a belief. It is not fact. I am sure that if you asked the Buddhist who god is they would say Buddha. The Muslims would say Mohamed. Every religion claims a different god. It is a belief, not an education basis. I hope I made that clear. Education should not be based on any religion because there is no outstanding evidence of a god. 

There is then the biggest argument that comes into play in Christian education. Creation vs. Evolution. Now, I will warn you that I am not a science buff. Evolution is new to me, but it’s concept is more understandable. Fundamentalists believe in Creation. (6 days god created the earth then rested on the 7th day.) Everything was created. The only things that have changed is the breeding of animals and all that stuff. In my school that was what was taught. They also told us that there was not any evolving after the creation. Everything was perfect and needed nothing to be complete. Evolution holds that the world evolved. People, animals, plants, and so on. (When I actually take a class on evolution, I will go into more detail. For now this is as good as it gets. Remember most of the things I know about evolution were taught at my Christian school as an argument against it.)  In college, I had to take a course that was Creationism vs. Evolution. Funny thing is that the more they explained Creationism, the less I understood. The more they explained about Evolution, the more I related to that. Ironic. Their explanation for fossils and extinct animals was based on a Bible story- Noah and the ark. (BTW I can not believe that they did a movie of that and another one about believing in god. Seriously!?) A lot of times their explaining went around in circles. Most of their arguments were traced back to the Bible. The fundamentalists completely ignore the fact that evolution is proven. It has been tested and retested. The only thing creation has going is the Bible said. Children shouldn’t be taught based on the Bible, rather on facts. Evolution is fact. 

I hope that this all made sense. Like, I mentioned before I am not a science or even an educational expert. I am just telling it the way I observed it. Thanks for reading.



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