Being a homosexual in the IFB

Fundamentalist always go on and on about how much they hate gay people. I am not going to sugar coat it with all their bullshit. They hate them- period. They see homosexuals as a threat. Pastors constantly are insisting that the Christian community is being persecuted by gay people. This is simply not true. 

Next door to the church where I was at there live a lesbian couple. They were a very quiet and peaceful couple. Never caused any problems what so ever. Guess who did though? The pastor of our church. He would go over there at least every other month and try to “save” or convert them. When this didn’t work, he would send people over to offer to buy their house. I mean like he would offer ridiculous amounts of money. The women always refused. They were happy where they were. Then when that didn’t work the pastor had bell put in the church tower. When they rang it was loud. He rang them at least twice a day for all the “sinners in the community to hear.” Well, the pastor has yet to kick them out. He is still trying though, no doubt. What is funny though, is not once did these ladies ever harass the pastor. Not once. Never even stepped a foot on church property. 

Sermons were always preached about gays. We were told that they were all going to be sent to hell. We were told that all of them had AIDS. Actually our pastor believed AIDS was a disease sent from god to destroy the gay community. Our pastor would say that the parents needed to beat the children who they thought were gay. The girls, thought to be lesbian were forced to dress really girly. The guys were force to do hard manual labor. One of my friends was beat and raped because he was gay. Another two of my friends were kicked out of the college because they were found in bed together. In both cases their reputations were dragged through the dirt. 

So, I am going to open up here and be honest.This may come back to bite me in the ass but to hell with it. I am bisexual. Never have told anyone other than my boyfriend. I have no choice in the matter. It was the way I was born.( Huge misconception in the IFB is that this is a choice.) Have known it since I was a kid. it wasn’t something I just stumbled on. When I was a kid I was told that if I ever became lesbian or bisexual that I would be beat to death. That was a great motivation for me to keep my mouth shut. When i got kicked out of college for watching porn, one of the first questions that I  was asked was if I was attracted to the women in the videos. I lied. I was already being threatened to be sent away. Plus I knew what my other friends went through and was scared out to death. I can tell you listening to my dad preach about how much he hated homosexuals was always painful. I wanted him to love me, and I didn’t have that to begin with, let alone if I admitted to being bisexual. 

I was under the impression that Christians were supposed to love everyone and be compassionate. I mean, if they want to get technical about it. John 3:16- for god so loved the world. Homosexuals are apart of this world. I think that maybe they need to practice what their bible say, because isn’t that what they teach- to follow the bible? 



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