My Body, My Choices

Here is a little rant for today. In the IFB women are taught that their body is their husbands, right? (Father’s if your not married. EWW) At least that is what I was told. I was told to keep myself looking good and pure for the right man. If we are honest, most IFB women were probably told that. 

This teaching never set right with me. If my body was someone else’s body, then why the hell weren’t they born with it?! Makes sense to me. It wasn’t ever okay with me that I was always told what to wear, how to do my hair, makeup and nails. And if non of that made sense then it sure didn’t make sense that I was told that my purity belonged to a man. Eh, sorry, but it doesn’t. (Not really sorry.) 

One of the things my family hates now is that I have tattoos and more than one ear piercing. God forbid! (I’m literally rolling my eyes at that.) Lucky me I was in the hospital when my dad found out I had a tattoo. Plenty of people around. He couldn’t yell. Seriously, though, since when is it his choice or any man’s choice? I don’t see a man attached to my body anywhere. We are two separate, independent people. I am dating. He has no choice in whether or not I get another tattoo or piercing. He knows that. He doesn’t like a lot of tattoos on women, but he knows it is my choice, not his to make. Like I said we are separate. 

Here is my biggest pet peeve. Sex and purity and all that crap. No my f**king purity is not a man’s. (Too late anyway.) Since when is the girl’s purity her fathers or her husbands. That just sounds messed up. It is messed up. The thought makes me sick. Yet, they believe that. It just gives the men more control. Now let’s talk about after marriage, it the girl waited that long. Sweetheart, your husband has no god damn right to tell you that you have to have sex. I heard this so many times in sermons: “Women, if you refuse your man, it is your fault when he looks elsewhere.” No, it isn’t. If your husband or boyfriend forces you into sex it is rape. End of story. Speak up though. If you don’t feel like sex, say so. Otherwise the guy has no clue. Women do have that right. It is, again their body. My body doesn’t belong to anyone. I don’t like it when women and men say that their body parts belong to the other mate. Nope, sorry, they don’t. 

So, yeah. My body, my choice. 


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