Homosexuality is frowned on in much of society and especially in the fundamentalist world. It is absolutely pathetic the way that homosexuals are treated. Fundamentalists treat them as though they are just some trash that can be thrown away. Some even believe that anyone that is gay, lesbian, bi, or transgender should be killed. It is absolutely horrible the things that I have heard happen to homosexuals. Most homosexuals that are stuck in the IFB keep their sexuality to themselves. They live in fear. I have had several friends who grew up being abused because the church knew that they had “homosexual tendencies.” Insults were common. They however were some of the bravest people I know of. They went through so much, yet it didn’t stop them one bit.

Below is video. (I hope that you will be able to watch it. I suck at trying to do all this computer stuff.) I saw it awhile ago and maybe you have seen it as well. It is a very heartbreaking video, but it gives a fresh look on how homosexuals are treated in society.



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