More Baptist BS

So I spent the day with my overly conservative IFB family. Needless to say I have a headache from all the things I heard coming out of their mouth. For the sake of my wonderful grandparents, I kept my mouth shut, but now I am letting lose.

They were talking about how all the IFB churches are going downhill fast. They are not following “god’s will” by letting people from the outside come in. (Here outside would mean other denominations.) Supposedly, there is one church that allows people of other denominations come in and share their beliefs and preach. Seriously, it should just be called a conference where abusers can get together and share their ideas on how to do more harm then they already are doing.

Then there was the boy talk. I get it every time. Men in the outside world are awful. They rape. They kill. They do this and that. Guess what? I have gone through more abuse in the church then I have being on the outside. Yes, I have been abused on the outside as well, but at least on the outside I was able to go to the police and it stopped, immediately. Inside the churches it is hidden. Not to mention the fact that the women are shamed. Side note: I did let my family know that my boyfriend has never, ever once hurt me! He is a wonderful person. People on the outside can be good, if not better.

Oh, then there was Phil Robertson. My family has never seen that show, yet they stick by him because he is Christian. it is all over the news that he is against the LGBT community. My family, of course, supports anyone who is against that community. It is totally wrong the way that Christians handle them. They are people just like us. They just happen to love someone of the same gender. To be honest, I do believe that there is a member in my family that may be gay. Actually, it is safe to say that he is. However because he is in that church, he can not come out. It is sad, really. He can’t be who he wants to be, and instead of saying who he is, he hides it. One day I will write more about that subject.

Anyways that is my rant for the day. Lol


2 thoughts on “More Baptist BS

  1. They were talking about how all the IFB churches are going downhill fast.

    This is common conservative talk. It’s not only IFB. Conservatives tend to look back to “the good old days” and they see everything as going down hill. They apparently don’t notice the many ways in which things are getting better.

    Best wishes for the holidays to you and your boyfriend.

    • Exactly. I don’t claim to be a Christian anymore, but I do like the idea that some churches in the IFB are opening up. Maybe it means that they will be less controlling and open up to the nicer things in life. It isn’t all about rules.
      Thank you. I wish you the best for your holidays as well.

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