Sermon from my ex pastor

Below is a link to a sermon from the pastor of the church I grew up in. It is a sermon on raising children. I actually remember sitting through this sermon. It scared me to death to have to listen to this. In there he talks about what the press would say if they heard him preaching like that. I wish they could have been there. Maybe the church would have been shut down.


4 thoughts on “Sermon from my ex pastor

  1. You know what I think, Debby? People who were horribly abused as children need someone to retalliate on and they do so by spanking/hitting/smacking their children! Maybe they were hardly hit when they were young or even not at all, they’re mad at the world and they decided to take out all their frusturations on their children! Why? Because the bastards are cowards and children are small and trusting. Then on top of all of this, you have psychopaths like this preacher who do it in the name of God. I finally made a decision that I if that’s what’s all throughout the Bible I don’t want any part of it.

    We have got to quit allowing people to get away with hurting babies, children and teenagers in any way, shape and form. They’re getting punished simply because they are there and some disgusting abuser needs a punching bag. Someone should have stood up in that congregation and said “Hey, it is NOT child abuse to not spank your kid. It IS child abuse to touch your child in any inappropriate way and that includes hitting of any kind, YOU SICK BASTARD!”

    Damn, I was taught so many ways in how not to handle children through the way I was abused, but guess what? I work my butt off to not repeat the same shit as my parents. It’s hard and I’m confronting something about my parenting now that I do not like. Hopefully, I’ll get a post up after Christmas. You know? That’s just the way it is being human, especially if you were horribly abused for years. We have to be so present when dealing with others, particularily children because people don’t deserve to be punished harshly for ridiculous things or for actions they never commited to begin with.

    That preacher man is beyond getting help. Besides, he’s already ruined SO MANY lives with that bull shit!

    Okay, I’m going to calm down now.

    • I agree with you. Most people who abuse children were themselves abused. I have found that out so many times in my life. In fact the pastor who preached this was physically abused, I believe. Doesn’t make it right though.
      I have no tolerance for it. Like you said now you do your best to break that chain. That is awesome.
      I wished someone would have spoken up. I was in such fear listening to that message. Sometimes I would put my hands under the Bible because they were shaking.
      I am happy to be out of there and just starting a new abuse free life.

      • Debby, I am happy you got out as a young adult. You have your whole life ahead of you to be surrounded by people who love you. It still saddens me that you even went through that garbage to begin with. I can’t believe some of the garbage I heard leaders and other men in Church say. I was never IFB, but my dad grew up that way and he was dangerous! There was a lot of fear and misogyny in the Southern Baptist, Word of Life and Assemblies of God Churches I’ve been apart of over the years. I think women and children are too afraid to speak up for ourselves because we’re the ones abused and belittled the most. When I questioned things I was ignored or heavily rebuked. Women would do the dirty work of their husband and tell me how i needed to submit and angrily yell at me as I heard sermons from the pulpit about the spirit of Jezebel (rebellion).

        Life is a very beautiful thing and if we don’t stop to appreciate foggy, full moons and wet grass under our feet, we’ll miss out on so much. “Getting out” of anything domineering gives us a great heart in admiring the lovely thngs all around us.

      • I actually embrace the term Jezebel now. My aunt and I were both called it for leaving the IFB. It has become something of an honor to us. I’m sure that it irritates them to no end.
        You are right though. There is so much beauty out there to experience. I enjoy seeing the sunrise and the sunset. Something I never did in the IFB. It is a beautiful world.
        I am glad that you got out as well. Being under a man’s control is like being a slave. So happy for you and that you are free from that.

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