Rules, Rules, and more Rules ( Having to do with clothes)

One thing that can be said for the IFB is that they are not lacking in the area of rules. Every time you turn around another one is made up. The pastors claim to put these rules in our lives to protect us from the “wickedness of the world.” Truth is they keep us in the dark and under their control. Most of these are for women, so forgive me for that.

Pants on women is a HUG no. The pastor’s claim that they are men’s clothing and are tight and sensual. First of all, women’s pants are not the same as men’s pants. And if you don’t know that you are blind. They are made for the figure of a woman. Also if it is the tight part that bothers them then wear the mom jeans!

Then there is the length of the hair. Guys have to have it short and looking like they just stepped out of the 40’s or 50’s and with no gel or hair products in it. (Minus shampoo of course.) The girl’s hair is expected to be long. In some cases, the longer it is the better. They also don’t agree with hair coloring and modern hair cuts. And in some cases the pastors want the hair to be down. This is so that people can see they have long hair. I have never understood what that has to do with anything, but maybe it is just some mixed up perversion of the pastor.

Dresses on women. They have to be long, past the knees, long. If there is a slit in the dress, it is to be sewn or pinned up. From personal experience I can say that the pins suck and on more than one occasion I would come home with bloody legs. Of course when this happened, I was the ridiculous one for not sewing it up. ??? Also the dresses that are usually worn are very outdated and are the rejects of whatever era they were accepted in. Most of the clothes I wore at the time were grandma clothes. (I think though my grandma’s clothes were more stylish.)

The reasoning behind the pastors wanting the slits sewn is a whole other discussion. But just to touch the surface. My pastor told a story of a friend of his (another pastor) said that it was tempting when he saw his daughter’s, mind you, his daughter’s leg. Other words he was turned on by his daughter. How perverted are these people?!?! Seriously!!!!!!!

The shirts we were allowed to wear were loose fitting. I believe this went the same way for the men. I would have people come up to me and ask if I was pregnant, the shirts were so damn big. They couldn’t have words on them unless, of course, it was scripture. Then that was ok. Also nothing low cut. The lowest it could be was to the collar bone. So, it literally felt like I was choking all day long.

Culottes were acceptable. Don’t ask why. If you ask me, they are the most inappropriate, awkward things ever! If your walking up the stairs or climbing up something  and there is a guy underneath you. Yep, you get it. They see everything. And by everything, I mean everything. But maybe that is another perverted plane of the IFB pastors.

The colors for the guys clothes. Thank goodness this didn’t apply to the girls. The guys couldn’t wear dark colored shirts- black, grey, dark blue, purple, and so on. ( Unless it was a t-shirt or something like that.) They also were not allowed to wear any “girl colors.” And if a guy did wear them he was called gay. Which that is another subject you do not want to get me started on now. Later.

Lastly, anything fashionable was out. If you shopped at the mall then your clothes were not appropriate. If you shopped at some really outdated resale shop, then they were more than likely ok. If girls tried to follow fashion, they were called whores. If guys did, they were called gay and put through worse I am sure.

The whole point of their rules on clothing was so that people would not look at us. Well, it didn’t work. There was plenty of looking. Not sexual, but the weird looks. Like people were afraid of us or something. It was all part of the pastor’s plan to keep us separated and underneath his rule and it was pathetic!



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