Christian Schools

Yesterday  I went to register for college, as I did I realized that this would be my first time going to a school that wasn’t Christian. It was relieving knowing that my education wouldn’t be contaminated by the “Christian Perspective.”

The first school I attended used ACE. The program sucked! Literally! There was no real interaction, kids were left to teach themselves, and Christianity was constantly being thrown in your face. Our “teachers” were not college educated and they sat around in a circle all day doing nothing but gossip about other church members. No one ever checked up on the students to see if they actually were learning things and not just copying answers out of the score book. I was one of the lucky ones whose parents actually did check up to make sure I learned something.

After going to that school, we were homeschooled (my  brothers and I.) We used the Abeka curriculum. Of course, it is a Christian perspective curriculum. It says so on all their books. That means that they leave out all the good stuff that you should have learned all along about the real world. Everything in the books was based on what Christians said to be truth or false. Which if you know the IFB it is all twisted and corrupt some way or another.

Then there was the school I went to from 12th grade and then into college. (Same church owned the academy and college, so I lump it all in as one.) That was the worst place ever to go to school. It was literally hell on earth. Everything was controlled by the head pastor. Kids were brainwashed into believing things that the pastor wanted them to. Bag checks were regular there. Staff would come through and tell you to leave the class and your things stayed. Then they would search for anything “bad.” If they found something they didn’t like, you were either spanked or expelled or both. My friend wasn’t allowed to graduate because he had a Christian Rock CD. Kids were spanked and humiliated every day there. I remember being told that I was stupid and dumb because I struggled in math. Yet, no one seemed to want to offer any help to get me out of the problem.

The college was very controlling. You weren’t allowed to leave the campus without permission. If you did, they would campus you. Which means that no one of the opposite sex could talk with you and you were not allowed to leave the campus for any reason other than ministries and work. One of their other rules was no interracial dating. If you liked someone that had a different color skin then you then you might as well go to hell right then. It was an awful sin. ( I was beat for that when I was a teen.) As far as the education went, well there was not very much of it going on. We were not ever told the truths about the feminist movement, or about Martin Luther King, or any thing that would liberate people. We were just told that it was all against God and given verses to back it up, supposedly. Mostly, students sat and ranted and raved about their beliefs on Christian issues. Any form of self expression was banned. I had a passion for writing and my teacher noticed this. She encouraged me. (Which if you grew up IFB, you know that is rare.) I started to write short stories, just to explore this area. They were found by a member of my family. I was told how wicked it was and was humiliated to find out that I was the reason they discontinued the writing class and the teacher.

Basically, Christian schools are not really schools. They are places where the staff and pastors brainwash you to believe what they do. They tell you from a young age to obey with out questioning. They tell you that if you do not do what is in the Bible that God will punish you. They tell you it is good that they spank you because it saves your soul from hell. It is a corrupt environment and sure as hell is no place of real education.



14 thoughts on “Christian Schools

  1. I’m particularly shocked to hear about the racism as even in the fundamentalist churches in UK, this is considered a huge no-no. Sure, Martin Luther King was ‘unsound’, but the objections were not about his colour.

    • I have never understood why they are so racist. Fundamentalist are always saying they are all about being equal and what not yet they turn around and say or do the most racist of things.

  2. Colleges of all kinds very often present a difficult transition period for people from all kinds of backgrounds and in their own right, whether it be the amount of work, self-scheduling, costs, terrible room mates, teachers you can’t stand, and so on. No doubt – if you’re like most people – this new college (I can’t bring myself to calling your old one an equivalent name) will be an experience that contains not just some of these negative extremes but – hopefully – more than enough positives to make it all worthwhile.

    Best of luck to you, rebeldebby, and remember no matter what else happens to keep your eye on the prize: graduating.

  3. Matt says:

    Sorry to hear about your poor experience. However, you are painting with a pretty broad brush by claiming that “Christian schools really aren’t schools”, and “they tell you from a young age to obey without questioning.” I attended Christian school and this was not my experience. I attended a school with high academic rigor. I was well prepared for college, and I have since earned two post graduate degrees. Seems like you’re assuming every school is like the one you attended, which just is not the case.

  4. Where are you? You said you went to a college? What is its name? If it’s in the U.S. , it could lose its accreditation if what you are saying is true.

    • It was a small Baptist college in Indiana. And it had no accreditation to begin with. They preferred it that way, claiming it was for separation of church and state. However, I think it was just to give them more room to broadcast their lies.

      • Sorry you had that experience. Welcome to the real world.

        You know, a while back a friend was asking questions about my atheism, and I made some reference to some groups being more destructive than others, and he asked what sort of behaviors made a religious group destructive in my opinion. I said isolating people from the rest of the society.

        For a time, I participated in a forum for women who had been sexually assaulted or abused and a surprisingly large percentage of women seemed to have come from a situation that could be described as being like a cult. I was a bit taken aback because it was the only situation in which I’ve ever encountered that.

        I hope you’re recovering well.

      • That is so sad to hear. Cults are very dangerous yet they get away with everything due to freedom of religion. Don’t get me wrong. People should have the right to choose what they believe and don’t. However someone needs to keep a close eye on these cults.

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