Feminism Abusive?

On TV today I heard something very disturbing that really hit every feminist nerve that I have. It was on a Catholic station and a nun was taking in some phone calls. A lady called in and asked about if it was wrong that a woman choose to be a feminist after she was raped. The nun said that it was wrong and I quote “is very abusive to men.” How is this so?

I developed a lot of my feminist beliefs after a life of being controlled by men and being abused by them. Growing up in a IFB (Independent Fundamental Baptist) church, the men were always in charge of the women. Women were degraded and made to look like stupid, idiotic fools who knew nothing about life. They were nothing more than a housekeeper and baby maker. When they tried to speak out they were shut up real quick.

Feminism is a beautiful thing. It is a movement based on the fact that women are to be treated equally because we are all equal. There is nothing special about a man that he should be in control or have the say so. They are human, not gods.

Also I do not understand how feminism could be abusive toward men. Maybe because it doesn’t give them as much control? I just don’t get it at all. I have known very many feminist and none of them are abusive in any way.

All that being said, it is a ridiculous belief to think that women are being abusive to men by being feminist.




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